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What is Speech Therapy?

The main goal of speech therapy is to achieve better communication by improving the ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feelings effectively.

Will my insurance cover Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy may be covered as part of your health insurance policy. You should check directly with your insurance company to determine what is covered.

Do you accept Medicaid?

We accept Medicaid, Peach State, CareSource and Amerigroup Health plans.

How long will my child need speech therapy?

The length of time depends on the severity of the diagnosis, the rate of progress that is made in the therapy sessions, as well as the level of reinforcement at home.

Where are the services provided?

We provide year round Speech Therapy at our office located at 2330 Scenic Highway, Snellville, Ga.  and we also provide Teletherapy appointments.

Why should I choose ABC Speech and Language Therapy, Inc.?

ABC Speech and Language Therapy, Inc. is a premier speech therapy company. We understand that early intervention is critical to the development of communication skills and educational success. Therefore, we work closely with the caregivers to establish carryover of therapy goals in various settings. In addition, we are dedicated to helping your child become the best communicator that they can be.

When should we start Speech Therapy?

Early intervention is vital to success, however it is never too late to start. If you have concerns regarding your child's speech and language development, please contact ABC Speech and Language Therapy, Inc.

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