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Customer Testimonials

We had a great experience with ABC Speech and Language Therapy Inc. Ms. Payne was very professional and provided us with helpful therapy techniques that we can use at home.-

The Hagoods

     I would like to commend ABC Speech and Language Therapy, Inc. on being a very professional and proficient organization. Wilson Family

We sought out the services of ABC Speech and Language Therapy Inc because we noticed that our daughter Sydney was developing a persistent stutter. She began to get frustrated and we noticed that she was becoming more withdrawn. Ms. Payne worked with our daughter to help correct her stuttering and also addressed a number of articulation issues that she picked up on in her evaluation. We noticed a positive change after her first few sessions and the difference over time was truly incredible. The vast improvements in her speech boosted Sydney's self confidence and she is much more confident when speaking with her friends and at school. Our family has been genuinely impressed with Ms. Payne's expertise and knowledge, and her commitment and devotion to the children she works with. I am also grateful for feedback and suggestions that she gave us after her sessions so we could continue to reinforce our daughter's speech program at home. Ms. Payne has exceeded our expectations, and I would highly recommend her services to any parent who has a child with any sort of speech or language development issues.-

Leath Family

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